Fresh Installed OPmanager does not work

Fresh Installed OPmanager does not work

Hello Guys;

I installed the Manage engine OPmanager software on Windows 7 as a test, but after installing,the page http://localhost:8060 did not load and showed me this message "localhost refused to connect"

Then I ran the software and it gave the message of no access to the addresses Manageengine\opmanager\bin and Manageengine\opmanager\conf(access denied).

I checked the access to those folders that had the message of no access and saw that I had full access.

I do not have an antivirus installed to block access.

Then i restarted  manageengine opmanager service from services.msc

According to what I searched on the Internet, I disabled the UAC but it did not work, then I used the command prompt using the address manageengine\opmanager\bin\startopmanagerserver.bat  and received the following message
Check webServerPort http value : 8060 https Port : null
PortCheckerUtil.getPort : serviceName :NETFLOW_LISTENER_PORT Flag : true
NFAPropFile :C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\OpManager\bin\..\conf\netflow\
PortValue is : 9996
 Check for NetFlow Port with value :9996
PortCheckerUtil.checkPorts :9996
Already Server seems to be running
Error Code : 10000

I did everything I could but it didn't work
Does anyone know the solution of my problem?