[Free Webinar] Will AIOps change ITOM for the better?

[Free Webinar] Will AIOps change ITOM for the better?

ITOM tools help enterprises manage their IT operations, but there's a need for intelligent forecasting. Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) utilizes AI, machine learning, and big data integration to help you forecast potential solutions to all your ITOM related issues. But will AIOps change ITOM for the better? Join us for ITOM Day to unveil the answers to all your questions about AIOps and how you can leverage it in your business. Carlos Casanova, principal analyst at Forrester Research, and expert in AIOps, accompanying ManageEngine's Bharanikumar Kulasekaran, Gowrisankar Chinnayan, and Sharath Babu will help us understand AIOps in the ITOM space. Hurry up to register now! It's free!

Virtual event details:

Date: September 7, 2022

Place: Virtual | North America

Time: 2pm-4pm EDT

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