[Free Webinar] Detect and defeat ransomware attacks

[Free Webinar] Detect and defeat ransomware attacks

The holiday season is around the corner. It's that time of the year when your network has fewer defences and attackers see their chance to infect your network with ransomware - one of the most dangerous and expensive epidemics that the business world is facing  today.

We, at ManageEngine IT Security Solutions, would like to help you ensure that this doesn't happen. Join our free webinar "Detect and defeat ransomware attacks" to learn how you can prepare your network to thwart ransomware attacks so your data is not held hostage.

December 14th



What you'll learn:
  • Ransomware basics
    • What ransomware is, and what makes it so dangerous
    • How a typical ransomware attack occurs
  • How file auditing can help you detect and prevent ransomware
  • How  ManageEngine File Audit Plus can be used to set up defences against ransomware

Hurry and register now to gain useful insights into the dangers posed by ransomware, find out how you can prevent it in few simple steps, and get your queries answered by our product experts. 
Stay secure this holiday season!

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