[Free webinar] 5 simple ways to implement cloud cost optimization

[Free webinar] 5 simple ways to implement cloud cost optimization

Hey folks, 

We're happy to bring you our latest webinar on 5 ways to implement cloud cost optimization

Date and time:
March 07, 2023
2pm AEST | 10am GMT | 10am PST

Why attend this webinar?
To navigate the current economic landscape, IT leaders are pressed to curtail IT expenses and infrastructure costs while still driving returns. But this is no easy feat. From hefty data egress charges to poorly utilized resources with low ROI, organizations are burdened with a multitude of expenses due to cloud architecture. 

Join our webinar to break down cloud costs and implement an efficient cloud cost optimization strategy with the help of AI-powered analytics. 

This webinar details five ways to optimize your cloud infrastructure costs effectively: 
1. Flag and delete unused resources and any storage associated with them.
2. Understand utilization trends to rightsize computing services. 
3. Configure resource scheduling to shutdown unused resources.
4. Curb the hefty fees levied during data egress.
5. Deploy unified insights on capacity and health metrics to overcome downtime charges. 

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