Free training online: Optimize firewall performance

Free training online: Optimize firewall performance

Hackers are targeting remote employees to get into enterprise networks. Join us for this webinar series, and learn how to handle network security challenges when adopting a remote work model. Given below is the training agenda.
  • Monitor and manage your VPN infrastructure
  • Perform in-depth impact analysis for a proposed new rule
  • Administer rule changes directly from Firewall Analyzer to your firewall
  • Learn how to get a detailed view of used rules, unused rules, rule anomalies, and rule suggestions
  • Monitor 'Who' made 'What' changes, 'When' and 'Why' to firewall configuration
  • Get a detailed overview of security events and security reports
  • Learn how to configure an alarm profile for security, anomaly, and bandwidth events

Attend the training on 10th & 17th November and secure your network.

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