Free ManageEngine PingTool - iPhone Native App Release

Free ManageEngine PingTool - iPhone Native App Release

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of Free ManageEngine PingTool - iPhone Native App for Server monitoring.

ManageEngine PingTool for iPhone offers network availability monitoring capability from your iPhone. You can get the glimpse of what is happening across your LAN and external websites on the move.

This mobile version of ManageEngine PingTool monitors availability of the servers, desktop machines, routers, switches and other network devices in a local network and monitors websites across internet. To run this application, you need wifi connectivity.

Key Benefits

  • Monitors the availability of the servers, routers,devices in a LAN environment.

  • You can check your website availability.

  • Monitors 5 hosts simultaneously.

  • Gives Minimum/Maximum/Average trip time of the packet from the host.

  • Health status of the hosts are displayed with color coded alerts.

  • Shows time-to-live value for each packet received from the host.

  • Remembers host list information, so that you can avoid frequent entering of host details.

  • Supports Retina display.

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The Free ManageEngine PingTool App is now available in the iTunes store at,


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