[ForYourInformation -26] Refine request details page

[ForYourInformation -26] Refine request details page

Hello folks,

With build 11005, we released an enhancement that allows you to customize the request details page layout.

With this enhancement, we can do any customization that you can possibly think of.

It provides the ability to reorganize the rows as desired.



Flexibility to rearrange the sections,


You can add or remove and organize properties and sections from the right panel.


All modifications made are stored in the history that allows you to switch back to the previous customized look.

Want to restore to the default? Pretty simple, make use of restore default option.

Similarly, you can customize the layout for requesters as well.

Please be informed that,

Layout design made on a request will be applied to all requests.
You can add properties from all request templates to the right panel except the service categories specific custom fields.
Properties configured in a request will be displayed in the right panel as per the layout.

Do try this feature and share your valuable feedback. Cheers..!