Forced MFA locked me out of the user, how to fix?

Forced MFA locked me out of the user, how to fix?

I have updated my Vulnerability Manager Setup and it notified me that MFA will become mandatory. 
SMTP Send wasn't used before so I díd not worry about if it is setup correctly. 
The version is the one from 18.01.2022, I cannot show the version number since I cannot log in any more. 

Now I wasn't in work some time due to sickness and now I cannot log in any more, because the software wants to send an MFA email to my email account. But there is no working SMTP Send server added in the system. 

I tried to reset the passwort with the resetPWD tool, that works, but after I log in with admin admin it still wants to send an MFA request and fails to do so because of missing SMTP Server. 

Is there some sort of script that I can replace the SMTP Server settings with from the program folder?
PLZ Help I don't want to reinstall all again, this is annoying. 

And by the way, forcing to do MFA for a system that only works in the local network and now needs a connection to an external SMTP Server was a very bad design decision. 

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