Font inconsistencies, no global font type and size configuration setting

Font inconsistencies, no global font type and size configuration setting


Unfortunately we are on the latest version of Service Desk Plus on premises and still noticing a lot of messy font type and size inconsistencies.. For example, even though all notification templates are set to Calibri 11, when requestors create tickets we see different fonts and different font sizes in the notifications when tickets are created. It seems to inherit the font type the external requestor has chosen and not format before sending email notification based on Service Desk Plus preferences.

Second, when replying to a requestor within SD Plus, despite font size 11 being set, when typing it reverts to font size 10. For example, back space / delete some text enad you will see the editor suddenly changes to font size 10...

Badly need a global font setting and and editor fix so that it stops reverting to font size 10. The fonts all look messy and inconsistent.

It is also really not efficient to have to set all the notification templates content and size to the desired font size when there should be a global setting. Also external requestors font preferences should not override the SD Plus configuration, ie if you choose Calibri 11, ALL email notifications of ticket updates should be in calibri 11 including external requestors ticket content.

Please look at fixing this basic issue ASAP.


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