Fixing the invalid Application Secret Key issue

Fixing the invalid Application Secret Key issue

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      M365 Manager Plus 4510 has been released with a fix for the secret key issue faced during automatic tenant configuration. This post provides details on the issue and what you need to do to fix it.


What is the issue?


      Microsoft recently announced that using PATCH to set passwordCredential is not supported in Microsoft Graph API anymore. During automatic tenant configuration in M365 Manager plus, you might see that the password for the application is missing, which could result in issues with configuring a new tenant in the product.


This is because M365 Manager Plus uses the patch method to generate the client secret key. As the application's credentials can't be updated, customers will have to manually create a new password for the application in the portal and update it in the product.


How to fix this issue?


      This issue has been fixed in M365 Manager Plus build version 4510. If your build version is lower than 4510, then updating to the latest service pack will eliminate this issue.

But if you can't update to 4510 build right now or you have already configured tenant in the product, then follow the steps below to fix the problem.


  1. First, locate the application created by the product in the portal.

  2. For this, login to the Azure AD PortalAzure Active Directory App Registrations.

  3. Choose All Applications and search for your application.

  4. Use either the application name or your client ID while searching for your application on the portal.

  5. Click on your application to enter the Overview page.

  6. To create a secret in your application, choose Add a certificate or secret.

  7. Choose Client secrets New client secret.

  8. Add description and choose your required time period of expiration and add the client secret.

  9. Once this is completed, you will be able to view and copy the Secret ID value.

  10. Now, you have to update the Secret Key in M365 Manager Plus.

  11. To do this, log into M365 Manager Plus and click on the Tenant Settings button on the right-hand side of the screen.

  12. Click on the edit icon for your tenant Edit your Application Details.

  13. Inside the Modify Application Details box, paste the Secret Key value in the appropriate field and click Update.






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