Firewall Analyzer Logs

Firewall Analyzer Logs


The Firewall Analyzer stopped working in our machine, It had crash then we couldn't make it running again,

I tried to run the software but its closing Immediately after running it.

I tried this method as well, it didn't work too :

  • Open services.msc and ensure Firewall analyser service is in stopped state.
  • Open Task Manager and check any "Java", "Mysql" or "Postgres" process are running.
  • If any, kill those process.
  • Open a command prompt with administrator privilege and navigate to Firewall\bin directory
  • Execute run.bat and check are you able to start the product.
I have renamed the folder and Install it from scratch, its working, Now I need the take the logs from the previous folder and paste it in the new one.

Would you please help me on this as this is very important for our PCI DSS compliance.