Filter available groups by defined fields in Template

Filter available groups by defined fields in Template

End Goal: When a new request is made, I don't want the requestor to select the group memberships, I want to define them based on the company, Title and Office fields that they already are required to select. I could use creation rules to do this, but I will need hundreds. If I need to go this route, is there a limit to the number of rules? I am hoping for a programmatic way to accomplish this so I don't need to change rules each time something is changed. 

Besides the rules, the only way I can think this is possible is by filtering the group select dialog based on already entered terms. Example Below: 

Company: 00950
Title: CSR
Office: Singapore

Group filter: Any groups that contain 00950 and CSR and Singapore. 

It would also be great if we could link Company, Title, and Office in ADMP so requesters don't need to sort though the full list of options.