Field and Form rules script set doesn't act as on edit

Field and Form rules script set doesn't act as on edit

My use case: I have 3 fields;
First: User text input that is hidden by default
Second: Checkbox selection, with an on edit script that will show the first field if a certain selection is chosen and hide it if it isn't
Third: Drop down with an on edit script that selects certain options from the second field.

If a user edits the second field, the rule applied to it hides/shows the first field as intended, however selecting from the third field which edits the second field doesn't trigger the on edit rule of the second field. I have gone around this issue by copy pasting the script for the second field into the third field, but this duplication seems very bothersome and prone to error when it comes to future maintenance, especially as I foresee this becoming an issue for multiple different forms. It's a bit unfortunate that I can't figure this out in a way that is a bit less maintenance heavy, as this feature would help greatly in creating clearer, more user friendly forms with less effort for creating them.

If there is a way to trigger the on edit rule of my second field without requiring specifically a user edit, that would be fantastic, though at the moment I'm assuming this isn't possible. I'm also wondering if there's a way to set on edit rules to be on all field edits, instead of just one, because this would also effectively solve the problem I have.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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