Fatal stop of data collection ... (DataEngine XNode?)

Fatal stop of data collection ... (DataEngine XNode?)

On the Windows 2019 x64 server, ADAudit Plus (Product Version: 6.0.7, Build No: 6071) is installed using the built-in PostgreSQL database (10.3). This version was raised by patches: 5.3.0, 6.6.0, 7.1.0 (7.1.0 installed after a crash, - the problem was not solved).

It was noticed that in the process of work, data is no longer collected in the database. After a correct reboot, the data is successfully collected for several hours, and displayed via the web interface (for example, in the "User Login Activity" report), but then the work stops and everything stops.
Previously, the server had an emergency power outage. There were also operations to restore old data archives. Perhaps these events caused a collision.
According to the documentation, after version 6.0.0, an additional service appeared - the XNODE database (DataEngine) for storing certain data. In the logs, there is a suspicion that some kind of failure with XNODE? For the wrapper services of the auditplus process and dataengine, the amount of java RAM was increased, but this did not help. VACUUM FULL was made for PostgreSQL, but it didn't help.

How do I fix or clean up the Data Engine XNode database ???
What data is stored in Data Engine XNode ???

For example: Through the web interface, the most recent data is visible from "2021-04-26 19: 41: 22" in the "Recent User Login Activity" report"

Data in the logs attachment ...
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