Export from Table sometimes in another language

Export from Table sometimes in another language

I have a view setup and I select to download all data from that view using the option shown here:

You can see in the subject line below that when the report is ready, sometimes it starts with "Solicitud Table" and sometimes it starts with "Request Table". When it starts with Solicitud, the headers in the export are also in Spanish. When I run it again, sometimes it shows in Spanish again, but then sometimes it comes through in English. 

These are two exports, done exactly the same, from the same view, within 1-2 minutes of each other, and you can see that one came through with Spanish headers and one with English. 

This must be some kind of bug, right? I even checked the language in my profile, and it is certainly set to English. Not urgent as I can just export the data again, but I wanted to see if this is happening to anyone else. 

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