expired and soon to expire passwords no longer populating

expired and soon to expire passwords no longer populating


Does anyone have the following issue?:

Our Soon-to-expire and Expired Passwords showed numbers on the dashboard.  We could send out email notifications to users to warn them of their password was expiring.     Both stopped working after we installed the latest patches to our ADSelfService system.    We updated ADSelfService 9/10/2020.   We show our last notifications went out on 9/9/2020.    

Our current version is 6.0 / 6008 / 64 bit.

We decided to install ADSelfService on a test server.  This would be a fresh install with the latest build.   It it is fully functional as it is set as evaluation.    This version is 6.1 / 6100 / 64 bit.

I noticed right of the bat that the soon-to-expire and Expired passwords on the dashboard did show numbers so it is working.   I know that a new install will use mysql.   Since our production uses MSSQL (not local), I changed mysql to use MSSQL.   It then stopped working just like our production server.   Everything else syncs fine.  For whatever reason, it cannot populate who's password is expired or will be expiring.  Thus, email notifications will fail to work.

We use the same domain admin account for the windows service account, the db account, and the sync account.    We placed the test server inside the network (vs DMZ) and joined it to the domain.   

It appears the patch/ new code has caused the issue I described when using MSSQL for the database.

Thank you,