Endpoint Central Now Supports ARM Machines!

Endpoint Central Now Supports ARM Machines!


We're thrilled to announce that Endpoint Central now supports Windows 11 ARM64 devices with ARM64EC (Emulation Compatible)!

ARM processors are becoming increasingly popular due to their impressive performance and energy efficiency. This update allows you to seamlessly integrate ARM machines into your existing infrastructure.

What this means for you?
  1. Manage core functionalities like inventory management, software deployment, and basic patch management on your ARM devices.
  2. Manage all your devices from a single console, regardless of their architecture.
  1. This feature is available from build 11.2.2325 and above.
  2. Available in Free, Professional, Enterprise, and UEM editions.
  3. Available in both On-Premises and Cloud deployments.
We're continuously improving ARM support, so stay tuned for exciting updates!

Thank you,
The Endpoint Central Team

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