Exchange Reporter Plus Fixes and Enhancements

Exchange Reporter Plus Fixes and Enhancements

Version 4.9.1 Build 4901

(27th January 2015)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the blank audit alerts message in the earlier version.

New Features:

  • Non-delivery Reports give an overall view of the emails that have been sent but not delivered.
  • Invalid email Address lists all the emails that are undelivered because of an invalid address.
  • Size Limit Exceeded lists all the emails that have not been delivered because of space related issues like lack of space in the mailbox or the size of the email itself.
  • Delivered vs. Non-Delivered (Internal) presents a statistical view of the mailboxes that have been delivered as compared to that are undelivered.
  • Admin audit log is a new set of reports that enables monitoring of specifics related to mailboxes
  • Mailbox Quota Changes records any changes in the quota of a particular mailbox.
  • Mailbox Permission Changes tracks whenever read/write permissions to a particular mailbox are granted or barred.
  • Mailbox Move Request lists the mailboxes that undergone a movement request and the details of the concerned user as well.
  • Mailbox Create and Delete notifies the creation of a new mailbox or deletion of an existing one in the Exchange Server.
  • Bookmark feature has now been introduced which enables an Exchange Admin to bookmark their most preferred/favorite reports so that they can perform a faster navigation; further the bookmarked reports can be categorized into more than one categories based on desired parameters.


  • A new option in License Management allows users to stop reporting details about a particular server.
  • Report settings in Admin Configuration have an option of Configurable date/time format.
  • Configurable session timeout option has been provided under Admin->configuration->Product settings.
  • Auto-discover global catalog option is now included. This enables the product to use a different global catalog within the same site, if the default one has failed.
  • Exchange server 2013 message log parsing has been improved.
  • ‘Run Now’ option is now available in the report scheduling tab where users can run the scheduled reports immediately.
  • A new filter in "Inactive mailbox by last logon time" allows retrieval of data for disabled users as well.
  • Permission Changes report in the Audit Tab now includes new and old values for exporting.

How to Upgrade:

Version 4.8 Build 4810 (14/Nov/2014)

New Features: 

Room mailbox details report: 

  • It offer insights into conference room objects in an Exchange organization.

Archive Mailbox Size Reports:

  • Display the size of each mailbox in Exchange
  • Display assigned quota for each mailbox
  • Display the archive location viz. cloud based archive and on-premise archive

Audit tab now has additional features that:

  • Report changes in hub transport settings
  • Report changes in Send/Receive connector settings
  • Allow control on Database specific Circular logging


  • Duplicate entry issue, caused by recovery mailbox database, in mailbox size reports is now fixed.
  • MAPI isn't required anymore to retrieve mailbox size reports in SP 3 configured Exchange 2007 server.
  • OU based filter can now be applied for Mailbox reports & Email Traffic reports.
  • Mailbox archive sizes are now displayed in Mailbox Size Reports.
  • Alert profiles can now be modified based on new macros like Old/New Values, Email, Connector Name, Circular Logging status, etc

In Audit Configuration:   

  • Schedule type can now be manually chosen as 'Scheduler' in ‘More Actions’ tab.
  • Domain Controller(s) can now be added for configuration and they shall automatically get removed upon DC depromotion.

Version 4.7 Build 4740: (1/July/2014)

New Features:
  • Mailbox auditing now supports Exchange Server 2013
  • Mailbox Retention Policy Explorer: A bunch of new reports have been added to offer insight into retention policies and associated mailboxes.
    *      Retention Policies.
    *      No. of Mailboxes with Policies.
    *      Mailboxes with Policies.
    *      Retention Policy Details.

  • MAPI is no longer required for mailbox size reports in Exchange 2010/2013 environments
  • Mailbox Features report offers information about retention policy hold status

Bug Fixes:
  • Issue in opening xls files in report scheduling has been fixed.

Version 4.7 Build 4730: (12/June/2014) 

  • Traffic reports performance enhanced.
  • Exchange 2013 SP1 support added for traffic reports.

Bug Fixes: 
  • Issue in scheduling data gathering task due to difference in time between server and client fixed.
  • Issue in alert configuration handled.
  • Issue in ActiveSync 'Device details' report resolved.
  • Issue in Traffic log parsing fixed.

Version 4.7 Build 4720: (14/May/2014) 

New Features: 

New set of reports to help you gain insight into department based mail traffic. The reports are:
  • Number of messages sent from department
  • Size of messages sent from department
  • Number of messages received by department
  • Size of messages received by department
  • A new 'When created' field has been added to the Distribution Lists report.
  • Mailbox content gathering has been enhanced.
  • New fields - Mailbox Store, Storage Group, Last Logon time - have been added to the Mailbox Size report.
  • Department field has been added to Mailbox Enabled Users and Mailbox Size reports.
  • Option to filter mailboxes based on department in Account Status reports.
Bug Fixes:
  • Issue in exporting Mailbox Permission report has been fixed.
  • Issue that excludes users with space in username and users with default domain login from OWA reports has been fixed.

Version 4.7 Build 4701: (10/February/2014) 

New Features: 
  • Support for Exchange 2013 environment included.
  • Support extended for Windows server 2012 platform & Windows 8 Platform.
  • To eliminate dependency on scheduled tasks, instant report generation support extended for the following reports -
  • Mailbox Account Expiration report
  • Mailbox Enabled User report
  • Soon to Expire Mailboxes report.
Bug Fixes: 
  • Issue related to file attachments of "Mailbox Content" reports and Distribution Lists report resolved.

Version 4.6 Build 4614: (26/December/2013) 

  • Enhanced Error Message handling in Organizational Settings.

Version 4.6 Build 4612: (26/November/2013) 

  • Improved memory management in Mailbox Permission Gathering.
  • Auditing Crash related issue fixed.
  • External Domain name issue in Traffic log gathering fixed.
  • ActiveSync in report scheduling issue fixed.

Version 4.6 Build 4611: (20/November/2013) 

  • Cache related browser issue was fixed.
  • Fixed issue related to OWA gathering.

Version 4.6 Build 4610: (30/October/2013) 

  • Performance of Distribution list membership gathering task improved.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting tips to provide better usability.

  • Issue linked to MTL parsing resolved.
  • Issue in setting the default log path in OWA handled.

Version 4.6 Build 4600: (17/September/2013) 

New Features: 
  • Exchange Reporter Plus releases ActiveSync reports that shed light on ActiveSync devices in your organization; policies linked to them; device status and sync requests. These reports are arrayed under two broad categories
  • "ActiveSync General Reports"- These reports provide ActiveSync policy details, device details and ActiveSync status information. It’s quite easy to find out which policy is associated with which mailbox and also details like ActiveSync password policies.
  • "ActiveSync Request Reports"- These reports bring to you the stats on Sync requests arising from the ActiveSync devices in the organization. With the help of these reports obtain the list of successfully executed commands like “send mail”, “reply” and “forward”. Summary reports on top synced mailboxes and servers are also offered.
  • Mailbox display name attribute included under alert configuration.

Version 4.5 Build 4510: (19/August/2013) 

  • New reports that shed light on email traffic stats specific to internal domains released.
  • "Sent Traffic By Domains" report to fetch the size and number of messages sent from your organization's internal domains.
  • Based on the volume of mails sent, top ten domains by size and number are evaluated and depicted in bar graph format.Know which domain sends the highest number of mails and administer better.
  • "Received Traffic By Domains" report to bring you the exact count of mails received by internal domains in your organization.Based on the size and number of received messages, the top ten internal domains are arrayed and presented in the form of bar graphs.

Version 4.5 Build 4504: (12/July/2013) 

  • Issue with java.exe taking 100% CPU fixed.

Version 4.5 Build 4503: (3/July/2013)

  • ′Exchange Server Auditing ′ performance enhanced with improved event log data collection process.

Version 4.5 Build 4502: (5/June/2013) 

  • 'Exchange Server Auditing' made more efficient and appropriate by improving the performance of ‘Essential Data Gathering’ task and providing a better user experience.

Version 4.5 Build 4501: (30/May/2013) 

  • Essential data gathering failure issue.

Version 4.5 Build 4500: (14/May/2013)

New Features:
  • "Mailbox Logon reports" to closely audit all non–owner and self–mailbox logins.
  • "Mailbox Permission Changes" reports providing information on all mailbox permission modifications.
  • "Mailbox Property Changes" reports with information on changed mailbox property values.
  • "Exchange Store Changes" reports to understand user action on the Exchange stores.
  • "Non–owner Mailbox Permission" report added to track the permissions that non–owners have on others′ mailboxes.

  • Exchange Management Shell dependency removed for Mailbox Permissions reports.

  • Issue related to file attachments of Mailbox Content reports and Distribution Lists report resolved.

Version 4.1 Build 4151: (28/March/2013) 

  • PostgreSQL initialization have been fixed.

Version 4.1 Build 4150: (1/March/2013) 

  • Issue faced while scheduling a new report is fixed.
  • Mailbox Permission reports issue where "Exchange System Manager" needed error message was shown despite installing is fixed.
  • Issue while unmanaging mailboxes under License Management is fixed.
  • The case sensitivity issue faced during quick search in pop-ups is now handled.

Version 4.1 Build 4146: (11/February/2013) 

  • Database Lock issue in Message tracking log gathering task resolved.
  • Non-Alphanumeric character issues in Mailbox content report solved.
  • Internet Explorer related user interface issues fixed.

Version 4.1 Build 4145: (6/February/2013) 

New Features: 
  • Two new reports added to the existing suite of Mailbox Traffic reports - 'Sent Traffic for Users' and 'Received Traffic for Users'.

  • Ability to select a group of Exchange users while tracking Intra-organizational traffic and Internet traffic data is now supported.
  • Support for 'Summary view' of traffic data provided for Mailbox Traffic reports.

Version 4.1 Build 4144: (27/January/2013) 

  • Non-English operating system installation issue.

Version 4.1 Build 4143 (1/January/2013) 

New Features: 
  • Support for Postgres Database Server (for product’s database) in addition to the MySQL support.

  • Outlook Web Access logon issue fixed.
  • Internet Explorer 8 .zip extension download issue fixed.
  • Further customized the CSV formatting for "Organization Traffic Summary" report.

Version 4.1 Build 4142 (29/October/2012) 

New Features: 
  • Licensing policy revamped to ease the management of mailboxes.
  • Comprehensive helpful hints to guide the troubleshooting process for possible task gathering issues.

  • The task scheduling performance has been significantly improved to provide for a better user experience.
  • Admin Tab interface re-skinned to provide for a more organized design and look.
  • Supports scalability by splitting reports with huge data into a series of reports and exporting them.
  • Daily and Weekly schedule types support extended for all types of reports.

  • The case sensitivity issue faced while listing the external traffic details is handled.
  • The issue of listing the archived mailboxes along with primary mailboxes is resolved and the archived mailboxes are now excluded from the Mailbox Properties report data.
  • The scalability exceptions related to Mailbox account properties, Mailbox content and Mailbox permission tasks are fixed.
  • The issue faced when a server is deleted from a DAG and added again is handled.

Version 4.1 Build 4140 (21/March/2012) 

  • Outlook Web Access Log on specifics report,
  • Report on "Log on count per department/ Users of a department/ Specifics users of a department".

Version 4.1 Build 4130 (28/February/2012) 

  • Reports on "Traffic From / To Internet" with separate reporting by Internet/ Domain/ User.
  • Intra-Organizational Mail Traffic Reports between users.

  • Reporting Interface enhanced to provide a lighter and organized feel when Report selection. 
  • Performance enhancements for improved Mailbox Permissions Reporting.

  • Fixed issue with Mailbox content gathering.

Version 4.1 Build 4120 (11/January/2012) 

  • Mailbox Permission Analysis enhanced to be Compatibile with 64-bit Exchange Management Console (EMC).

Version 4.1 Build 4110: (7/November/2011) 

  • Recently Created Mailboxes Report: Shows all the mailboxes created in the past “n” days.
  • Mailbox Store Occupancy Split-Up: Indicates the mailbox stores available, number of mailboxes residing in them, and the space occupied by these mailboxes. 
  • Mailbox Storage Information: A content hierarchy of an Exchange Server, this sheds light on storage groups, mailbox stores and mailboxes contained in a server. 

  • Improved handling of run-time allocation of product memory space.
  • Quicker and smoother auto-population of user accounts in the User Management window (where you can create Product Operator & Administrator accounts).

Version 4.1 Build 4102: (19/October/2011) 

  • Mailbox Permission Analysis - Backward Compatible with Exchange 2003 environments

Version 4.1 Build 4101: (27/September/2011) 

  • Error handling enhancement for mailbox permission reports .
  • Issue in managing/un-managing single server.

Version 4.1 Build 4100: (29/August/2011) 

  • Scheduling of Reports.
  • Mailbox Permission Reports for Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010 mailboxes.

  • Chart creation issue when time zone is not recognized.
  • Mailbox Content gathering issue.
  • Issue while gathering account expiration time for mailbox enabled users.
  • OWA Logon count issue - OWA Logons are now monitored using session identifiers.

Version 4.0 Build 4012: (21/October/2010) 

  • Issue with MAPI Profile Creation using a Mailbox in Exchange Server 2010 without CAS Role has been fixed.
  • Issue in OWA log parsing on IIS 7.0 enviroinment is fixed.

Version 4.0 Build 4011: (1/September/2010) 

  • Security issue related to Organizational Settings has been resolved

Version 4.1 Build 4010: (10/August/2010) 

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 environments.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 Platform.
  • Support for Windows 7 Platform.

  • Essential Data Gathering performance has been enhanced.
  • Mailbox and Public Folder Content Gathering performances have been enhanced.
  • Included an option to filter users based on Mailbox Size Used Percentage in Current Mailbox Size vs Quota Report.
  • New column "Actual Number of Messages Sent" is added in "Number of Messages by Sender" Report under "Mailbox Traffic".

  • Eliminated the limitations faced while gathering information for more than 1500 members of a group (during Group Membership Gathering).
  • For Cluster Environments, "Store Size" and "Server Volume Size" will be fetched using "Server IP" instead of "Server name'.
  • Change in IIS Log File Name in Windows Server 2008 handled.
  • Issue of missing a few OWA logon events during OWA Log Gatherings fixed.

Version 4.1 Build 4001: (2/June/2010)

  • Enhanced the solution to display appropriate error messages when it encounters issues during its Log Gathering Task.
  • Proper Error Messages are displayed for MAPI related Task Gatherings if the user does not have a mailbox or the user is hidden from Global Address List(GAL).

  • Fixed the Case Sensitivity issue faced while gathering Essential Data in order to report about Mailbox Enabled Users.
  • Fixed the issue where users faced the "License Limit Exceeded" warning message despite applying a valid license.

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