Exchange Reporter Plus build 5714 is out now!

Exchange Reporter Plus build 5714 is out now!

Hello everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of Exchange Reporter Plus' latest build–5714.



  • SSL deployment through UI: Easily apply a SSL certificate and enable HTTPS to secure Exchange Reporter Plus in just a few clicks with the all new UI-based SSL certification tool.



  • You can now delete monitoring and auditing alerts, either individually or in bulk.

  • You can now modify TLS versions and Ciphers when configuring SSL.


Issue Fixes:

  • Multiple issues in the license management module have been fixed.

  • An issue where the Basic Mailbox Permission task failed to fetch data in a server with multiple domains has been fixed.

  • An issue where deleted objects like mailboxes, AD users, contacts, distribution groups, distribution members, mail-enabled users, and public folders being shown in the respective reports has been fixed.

  • An issue where Mailbox Auditing report failed to fetch data when the result size reached above 250,000 has been fixed.


How to update?

Update using service pack.


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