Exchange Reporter Plus build 5709 released!

Exchange Reporter Plus build 5709 released!

Hello Everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of Exchange Reporter Plus' latest build–5709. The new build features the following:



  • Troubleshooting: Users can now check and troubleshoot the issues in their network connection, URL endpoints connection, Exchange session creation and authentication, and permissions required by the Azure AD application and service account from the product's Tenant Settings option.



  • Distribution List Membership task has been removed from the Task Scheduling feature and the data for it will now be collected through the Essential Data Gathering task.

  • The performance of the Mailbox Permission and Essential Data Gathering data collection has been improved with the implementation of DeltaSync.

  • Date filter has been added for the following Exchange Online log-based reports:

    • Undelivered Emails

    • Emails to Invalid Address

    • Failed Emails Due to Size


Issue fixes:

  • The issue of Email Traffic report logs not being visible post product update to 5708 build due to the Elasticsearch configuration issue has been fixed.

  • The issue with some filters in the License Management setting has been fixed.

  • The issue of service pack failure has been fixed.



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Update using service pack.


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