Exchange Reporter Plus build 5708 released!

Exchange Reporter Plus build 5708 released!

Hello Everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of Exchange Reporter Plus' latest build–5708. The new build features the following:



  • Eight reports have been added under the new report categories Outlook General reports and Outlook Department reports:

    • Outlook General reports:

      • Access by Users

      • Outlook Version-based Access

      • Client IP-based Access

      • Server-based Access

      • Access Specifics

    • Outlook Department reports:

      • Access Count per Department

      • Access Count for Users of a Department

      • Access Specifics for Users of a Department

  • Two new reports have been added.

  • Dynamic Distribution List report: Shows all the dynamic distribution lists and their details, including their creation dates.
  • Folder-wise Read Mails with Subject report: Shows the total number of read emails in each folder along with their subjects.
  • Scheduled reports can now be copied. Instead of creating a new schedule every time, a schedule can be copied and criteria can be changed accordingly.

  • New EWS URL Customization feature allows you to defines the EWS connection endpoint of your Exchange server. If left empty, default EWS URL will be used.

  • Delta Sync support has been extended to mobile device reports to improve the product's performance by fetching only incremental changes.

  • Exchange Online PowerShell v3 module is now used to improve PowerShell-based data collection.

  • RestAPI (Management API) along with PowerShell scripting is now used to collect audit logs from Exchange Online.


Issue fixes:

  • The issue of Custom Attributes not handled in ADSync has been fixed.

  • The issue of a few mailboxes not being displayed even though they are managed has been fixed.

  • The issue of users being unable to update service account password with special characters has been fixed.

  • The issue of reports not being generated when MS SQL is used as the product database has been fixed.

  • The failure to generate REST API reports that support delta sync when the deltaLink has expired, i.e., 30 days since a report was last generated, has been fixed.

  • The issue in updating a service account when quotes are used as special characters in the service account password has been fixed.

  • The issue in updating Rest API permissions for some customer environments has been fixed.

  • The issue of missing Secret key in Azure AD application during automatic tenant configuration has been fixed.

  • The issue of Permission based on Distribution Groups report's data not being shown has been fixed.


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