Exchange Reporter Plus build 5703 released!

Exchange Reporter Plus build 5703 released!

Hello Everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of Exchange Reporter Plus' latest build–5703. The new build will feature the following enhancements and bug fixes:



  • We have improved the completion time for the Essential Data Gathering task (ADSync).


Issues fixed:

  • Operators' ability to view details of organization(s) not delegated to them and their access to unprivileged URLs has been restricted.

  • Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that occurred in a few cases have been fixed.

  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) issue that occurred for a few URLs has been fixed.

  • Exchange Search Monitoring profile that failed to collect data for certain Exchange environments has been fixed.

  • ActiveSync device details data collection issue has been fixed.

  • Decimal format issue in Traffic Size reports for different locales has been fixed.

  • Mailbox with Delegates report showing data for Send As column even when there are no mailboxes delegated has been fixed.

  • Schedule reports mail notification failing for Mail server TLS connection has been fixed.


How to update?


Update using service pack.


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