EventLog Analyzer’s 2023 in Review

EventLog Analyzer’s 2023 in Review

2023 has been a year of significant advancements and improvements for EventLog Analyzer. With a host of new features, enhancements, and fixes, EventLog Analyzer has fortified its capabilities, offering a more robust and efficient solution for log management and network security. 

Here are the top 10 highlights from our releases in 2023

  1. Security and risk posture management for MSSQL servers: Introduced a feature that allows for the assessment of the security and risk posture of MSSQL servers, providing insights and remedial steps for enhanced security.

  1. Enhanced compliance reports: New out-of-the-box compliance reports have been added, helping in adherence to various compliance standards such as Qatar Cybersecurity Framework (QCF), Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX), and more.

  1. Integration capabilities: EventLog Analyzer has been enhanced with integration capabilities with other manageengine applications including ADManager Plus, ADAudit Plus, Endpoint Central providing a more comprehensive monitoring solution.

  1. IP-based access restriction: A new feature that allows the restriction or allowance of access to EventLog Analyzer based on specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses.

  1. Enhanced threat detection and investigation analytics: A consolidated and intuitive analytical dashboard for the MITRE ATT&CK matrix, facilitating quicker threat detection and investigation.

  1. Ticketing tool status and bulk alert management: Enhanced alert management capabilities, including the support for various ticketing tools and the ability to delete or update alerts in bulk.

  1. Elasticsearch and performance enhancements: Various enhancements such as automatic Elasticsearch restarts and internal memory performance improvements have been made for a smoother user experience.

  1. Issue fixes and resolutions: Numerous issues, including synchronization problems, parsing issues, and security vulnerabilities, have been addressed and resolved across various builds.

  1. Enhancements in dashboard and reporting: Minor enhancements and fixes in the EventLog Analyzer dashboard and reports GUI for improved usability and experience. 

  1. Continuous improvement and updates: Continuous updates and enhancements, including the addition of new features, issue fixes, and performance improvements, have been made throughout the year.

To experience all the new features and improvements, upgrade EventLog Analyzer to the latest build. For more information or any product-related assistance, reach out to us at support@eventloganalyzer.com

If your EventLog Analyzer license is about to expire or has expired, you can renew your license here.

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