ESP_App shown in flow analyser

ESP_App shown in flow analyser

Dear all,

Is there any way to exclude ESP_app from flow analyser reports? I mean to get full insight in only traffic between real sources and real destinations, because I saw that flow analyser report lists two tunnel IP endpoints as source and destionation wich isn't a subject of interest to me, we want full insight into traffic from source to destination not traffic between tunnel endpoints (through wich flows of course the traffic that interest us). ESP_app is shown as top application, mine interest is what is inside of ESP_app?

I've read that for other opmanager users the problem was that ESP_App was list and was a duplicate of real traffic, wich isn't our problem. Yes the traffic flows trough two GRE tunnels when traveling from source to destination.

any sugestion where to look at what to do to have full insight in traffic, or I'm having a wrong suggestion how does this work?
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