Error upgrading PostgresDB while upgrading to 12000

Error upgrading PostgresDB while upgrading to 12000


While upgrading to version 12000 from 11300, database upgrade script is failing with the following:

Enter the patch file to install:/var/lib/ManageEngine/PMP/Patch/ManageEngine_PasswordManager_Pro_11300_11301_to_12000.ppm
Pre Invocation in progress                                          0% Completed     [|]etup. This might take some time...
Enter the certificate file to import : /tmp/ppmsigner_publickey.crt
The selected certificate is imported successfully.
The integrity of the patch is being checked. Please do not shutdown or kill the process as it needs some time....

Pre Invocation in progress                                          6% Completed     [|]Shutdown completed........
Upgrading PostgreSQL  Completed extracting                    11% Completed     [|]      Shutdown completed.....
Shutdown completed.....

Error occured while migrating postgres database.
Uninstalling pre invocation classes                                          80% Completed     [/]Shutdown completed.....
Cleaned up backup contents                                          100% Completed
Uninstallation Completed

The update logs says:
 [SEVERE] : Decryption failed For input string: "M"
 ERROR CODE     : 100
 ERROR IN       : Pre install

Please find the logs attached, all suggestions welcome!


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