Endpoint MFA Request ID

Endpoint MFA Request ID

Option 1
We implemented MFA for Endpoints for select user accounts over a year ago. During that time, the Request ID would start out at 1 and increase by 1. The Request ID would increase by 1 if you selected Approve or Deny. The Request ID would reset after restarting the service/server or we believe at midnight. If there were 175 requests in a single day, the Request ID at the end of the day would be 175.

Option 2
One of the recent updates to ADSelfService Plus changed this behavior. Now everyone gets the same Request ID until there are 2 people getting a Request ID at the same time. This means for myself and all of my co workers, the Request ID is going to start out and stay at 1 until there is a request for more than one Request ID at the same time.

Which method are you seeing (Option 1 or Option 2)?

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