[Endpoint Central Update] New Pricing Structure for Servers

[Endpoint Central Update] New Pricing Structure for Servers

Hi everyone,

This announcement is regarding a revision in our server pricing structure for Endpoint Central, which is a result of evolving needs and growing complexity of server environments compared to workstations.

Till date, we've had similar pricing for servers and other endpoints. Effective April 1, 2024, server management (On-premises and Cloud) will have separate pricing. This aligns with the established practice in the industry, which we've held off for 2 decades to rightfully justify it.

Why the change?

1. Evolving needs, evolving solutions: Servers require unique functionalities beyond typical endpoint management/security. We've invested in powerful features specifically for servers, making us a leader in the market with built-in server capabilities.

  • Vulnerability management: Correlate vulnerabilities with corresponding patches for seamless remediation.

  • Patch management: Utilize pre- and post-deployment scripts, self-service portals, and customizable policies for efficient patching.

  • Server application support: Manage and maintain server-specific applications.

  • Backup and recovery: Implement efficient and customizable folder backup solutions.

  • Remote control and troubleshooting: Enjoy built-in capabilities for diagnosing and resolving server issues.

  • Server OS imaging and deployment: Streamline server deployment processes.

  • Security: Gain granular control over services, processes, and user access for enhanced security.

2. Continued cost-effectiveness: Even with separate server pricing, we still remain extremely competitive. We offer significantly more capabilities at the most cost-effective editions. 

3. Dedicated focus on server management: Separate pricing allows us to invest even further in developing robust server features like cluster-aware updating, sequential patching, and custom application patching.

[Edit] FAQs:
1. When is this getting released?
->This will come into effect on April 01, 2024.

2. How does this apply to existing customers? 
->This will be applicable to customers during their next renewal/upgrade cycle. Until then, current subscriptions will remain unchanged.

3. Can I know the new prices?
-> The new prices will be reflected on all our pricing pages/tools on April 01, 2024. Please refer them.

We understand that changes can be disruptive, and we're committed to attending to all your questions or concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Endpoint Central Team

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