End of Support for NTLM SSO

End of Support for NTLM SSO

Dear users,

We would like to inform you that we'll be permanently removing support for the NTLM SSO which is considered as outdated. End of support means that we will not fix bugs related to NTLM, thus, we strongly recommend our customers to switch to SAML SSO, in case you haven't already.

There are several advantages of using SAML SSO over NTLM SSO. Some are listed below,

  • Platform neutrality: The SAML framework is away from platform architectures.
  • Security: Security is the most important aspect when it comes to enterprise applications. SAML is used to provide a single point of authentication at a secure identity provider. This means that applications do not need to store or synchronize identities, which in turn ensures that there are fewer places for identities to be breached.
  • Reduced administrative costs for service providers: Using SAML to 'reuse' a single act of authentication (such as logging in with a username and password) multiple times across multiple services can reduce the cost of maintaining account information. This burden is transferred to the identity provider.
  • Better user experience: One of SAML’s greatest benefits is the user experience it provides. SAML provides the ability for users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials entered once.

Refer to this article to configure SAML in ServiceDesk Plus.

Security & safety measures by IdPs:

Following are some reference documents to know more about the security approach of our recommended IdPs.

For any questions, you may reach us via the Community Forums or, write a mail to servicedeskplus-support@manageengine.com.

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