End-of-Support for Modem based SMS and AppSMS notifications

End-of-Support for Modem based SMS and AppSMS notifications

Dear Customers,

We are announcing end-of-support for Serial Modem based notification and AppSMS based notifications in OpManager.

We had  to remove Modem based SMS(serial modem)option due to the unavailability of support from the third party provider SMSLib. Though this feature is not available in the newer installations, due to compatibility issues in the new Java versions(OpManager 12.0 and above), existing customers who upgraded from older versions also faced issues.  So, we have decided to announce end of support on October 31, 2018. 

AppSMS feature is also having compatibility issues due to different flavors of customized Android in different mobile hard wares(mobile phones).  Soon we will be removing this support from the direct exe installations. Once our existing customers have moved to other SMS options, we will announce a end of support for this AppSMS feature too.

We strongly encourage you to make use of the new SMS notification options like SMS gateway and SMPP. They are API based, easy to configure and without compatibility issues. 

OpManager Team.

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