Announcement: End of Support for C and C++ Agents in Password Manager Pro

Announcement: End of Support for C and C++ Agents in Password Manager Pro

Hi All,

It is an advance announcement that from Oct 2022 onwards (product version 12122), ManageEngine Password Manager Pro will no longer support both 32 and 64-bit versions of the C++ agent for Windows and Windows Domain systems and the C Agent for Linux. 


The C and C++ agents will still be functional in older versions of Password Manager Pro past this date. But, we highly recommend using the C# agent for Windows and Windows Domain machines and the Go agent for Linux machines, as they come with additional features, such as password reset listeners, dynamic account filtering, and self-service privilege elevation in Windows.


The proposed strategy works as below:

  • For new customers: Users will no longer be able to download the C and C++ agents from the Password Manager Pro interface.

  • For existing customers already using the C/C++ Agent: If the C/C++ agent is already installed in remote machines, configured with Password Manager Pro versions up to 12.1(12122), it will continue to work. However, after upgrading Password Manager Pro to build 12122, we strongly recommend the users uninstall the C/C++ agent and install the C#/Go agent as we will eventually stop supporting C/C++ agents in the subsequent versions.

End of Support Specifications



Build Number

End of Support Date

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro 12.1.1


Oct, 2022

Uninstalling the PAM360 Agent from Multiple Endpoints via Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO):

Installing the Password Manager Pro Agent in Endpoints via Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO):



1. How do I uninstall the C/C++ agent from the remote machines?

You can either manually uninstall the C++ agent from the remote machines or uninstall the agents in bulk using the Windows GPO.


For the C agent, uninstall it manually from the target machines.


2. From which Password Manager Pro build can I switch from C/C++ agent to the C#/Go agent?

You can begin using the C#/Go agents from Password Manager Pro build 11301 and above.


3. What happens if I upgrade Password Manager Pro to build 12122 while still using the C/C++ agent?

The old agents will still work with Password Manager Pro build 12122. However, we highly recommend switching to the C# or Go agent based on your OS to benefit from additional features such as self-service privilege elevation in Windows and dynamic account filtering.

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