Edit User Creation Summary

Edit User Creation Summary


When I want ot create a user I had to do 3 Steps:

Step 1.  go to Management -> User Management- > create multiple Users -> Import  - > Select the CSV
Step 2. Choose Container -> Create User
Step 3. The User was created And I got a summary with (username, Logon Name, Password, e-Mail-Adress, OE-Name, Status) (look at the attachment)

It works great so far.
But I have some questions that belong to step 3:

1.) Is ist possible to customize the summary? Because I do not need the Status and the OE Name but I need one or two other AD-fields, that where created during the CSV import.

2.) We normaly export the summary as PDF to hand it out to the user. Is it possible to customize the export process? currently the name is always "UserCreationStatus.pdf". This one has to be renamed. It would be great if the export already created the name "username.pdf" or something like that. and also want to change the logo etc.

Thank you and kind regards

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