Easier app update management with Mobile Device Manager Plus!

Easier app update management with Mobile Device Manager Plus!

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can quickly create an 'App Update Policy' to roll out app updates using a schedule. You can set up the schedule exactly how your business wants it to be, to make sure updates reach devices at a specific frequency, during non-business hours.


By doing this, you can save time and effort spent on manually updating apps, and ensure a more streamlined way of app update management for your organization.


You can set up an app update policy with options to deploy updates as soon as MDM detects them, or at a time that's more convenient for your business needs, say, on weekends. 

We support a 'Scheduled Window' where you can choose the frequency, date and time when the updates should be pushed to devices. Moreover, you can setup policies for all apps available in MDM, Specific apps, or just for Store apps. 

Read about how to configure app update policies.

This feature is available from 10.1.2303.3 and above. Upgrade to the latest version of MDM to avail the latest features and enhancements.

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