Dynamic Template Questions

Dynamic Template Questions

First, S2,E1 of the 2022 MasterClass was a great help in designing useful forms.

I have a couple of question about Dynamic Templates.
First, I am using SDP OnDemand, Enterprise.

1. When I create Dynamic Templates and I create Custom Fields, Can I pass the information in the custom fields to a task?  For example, My template creates a new account setup for contractor <Enter contractor name> and then creates a task to setup account.  I would like to be able to "Pull" the information from the previous anwer in to the subject or body of the Task.
2. Can Tasks automatically inherit the owner of the request via form rules or another method?
For example, Template creates 5 tasks. Can the owner be automatically set to owner of ticket?
3. Is there any way to extract data from an incomming ticket and use that data in a field?  
For example, HR send an email in a specif format about new users.  Would like to use business rules to associate that subject with a template, and read data from email to populate either the Default or Custom fields in the ticket template.
Anyone else out there have cool dynamic forms?  
I have some that change based on the answers given with form rules and its pretty nifty.  Love to see some examples

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