DR Restore Test not working

DR Restore Test not working

We are trying to run a DR test of our SDP Plus MSP server. 
For this i have: 
1. Created a full backup from the live server using the backup batch file. This created 2x ezip files (part 1 and part 2).
2. Created a brand new Windows server 2022 standard virtual machine, with enough disk space, ram and CPU to do the restore. I have Windows updated it fully but nothing else. 
3. Installed Service Desk Plus MSP version 14200 that matches are our current live version to the default program folders and service port. 
4. At the end of the install, it asks me if i want to start SDP now. I select no.
5. I go to the restoredata.bat file, and select the backup ezip part 1 file, and put in the restore password. 

At this point, the restore asks me if i am doing a production restore - and i select no. 
A few moments later -
"SEVERE: i get the following error:  ServiceStatus indicates the server is running.... please stop the server"

The service is not running (the manage engine service). I have rebooted the server, and also tried to run the stopDB.bat file, but it still just says the server is running when it's not. 

Any suggestions? 

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