Doubts about Custom script config

Doubts about Custom script config

Hi there,

I want to distribute files to many macs and I found a script template in the repo called ""
but I was confused about the entries in the config page:

the detail of the sh file:
  1. # Destination path of the file
  2. destinationPath="/Users/Shared/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro Advanced/18.0/LicenseCert.fmcert"

  3. # Url from which the file should be downloaded
  4. url=""

  5. # command to download
  6. curl -o "$destinationPath" "$url"

1. How can I use the Script Arguments(s) entry to transfer the destinationPath and url args?
2. What does Dependency Files(s) do?

Anyway, it'll be better if there is a detailed instruction for using custom script.

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