Do you know how to manage Office 365 user licences in bulk?

Do you know how to manage Office 365 user licences in bulk?

In this article, I'll explain how to assign or remove Office 365 user licences in bulk based on their group membership, without using PowerShell scripts.


  • Log in to O365 Manager Plus with admin credentials.
  • Go to the Management tab.
  • Navigate to License drop-down > Bulk Group Modification > Group Based License Modification.


  • In the window that opens up, click the Assign/ remove licenses drop-down and select an option based on your requirement. You can either choose to Assign selected licenses, Remove selected licenses, Modify selected licenses, or Remove all licenses.
  • Select Licenses from the drop-down and configure the Usage location.
  • Select Groups from the displayed list to filter users based on their group membership.  
  • Select the Office 365 Tenant and Virtual Tenant to which you want to apply the selected settings.
  • To select the required users manually, enter their names in the search box.
  • Click Apply to execute.


That's it! You now know how to easily manage user licenses in bulk, using O365 Manager Plus.

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