Do I configure vCenter or ESXi or both?

Do I configure vCenter or ESXi or both?

I recently installed the latest version of Event Log Analyzer and am trying to get data from my VMware environment.

We have a VMware vCenter Server Appliance that runs a single datacenter with two VMware ESXi hosts participating in a single cluster.

I can successfully add vCenter and the ESXi hosts but I am not getting any useful data out of them.

I have verified successful connection from vCenter Server Appliance to the ELA box and am getting very basic informational logs every 10 minutes (polling interval).

I have verified that the log directories exist on the ESXi hosts and they are configured to send to the collector using the udp://<eventloganalyzerserver>:514 as required in the VMware documentation.

There are no firewalls in play between the VMware environment and the ELA collector.

Outbound firewall for syslog on UDP 514 is setup and allowed from all ESXi hosts.

Do I really need to configure the vCenter and ESXi hosts individually? ELA has separate sections for each device type when you navigate to Reports > VM Management.