Distribution Server/Microsoft Server Updates

Distribution Server/Microsoft Server Updates


We use UEM for managing all the patches for our desktop computers - we are currently NOT using to patch servers. I have a couple questions, and hoping that someone out there has an answer for me - and doubly hoping that it not something that will get put on the abyss of a roadmap that never materializes.

With WSUS, you can approve patches, and then check for updates from the server (without having to check for updates from Microsoft) - Currently, as far as I can gather, with DesktopCentral, you can't just schedule download, then run the updates manually from the server, you have to approve the patches, schedule for certain days of the month, and keep checking to see if they are installed or not.

Is there anyway to setup  like WSUS, where you approve the patches, and through group policy or somehow to configure the agent to check for updates from the DS only?

Thank you.


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