Disposed Assets missing with filter 'All Assets'

Disposed Assets missing with filter 'All Assets'

In Assets, a disposed Asset doesn't show when the filter option "All Assets" is set.
It has to be set to show only "Disposed Assets" for the Asset to show at all.

This seems to be a new thing (with the new Filtering-system layout) since I've had no problems before finding Disposed Assets, but now I stumbled around in a way I haven't before to find the Disposed Asset.

Could you please include ALL Assets in the filter of All Assets since the function is actually called ALL Assets? (i.e. including Disposed Assets)

See screenshots of a search that doesn't show the disposed Asset in All Assets search.

(I figured this might have been reported before and found this https://pitstop.manageengine.com/portal/en/community/topic/not-include-disposed-devices - but it says I have Insufficient Privileges to view that page)