Discovery > Agent Configuration not working

Discovery > Agent Configuration not working

I've already opened a support ticket several weeks ago but I haven't received a response in almost 2 weeks.  I will try posting here to see if I can get this issue resolved.

Ticket Id

Service Desk Plus Version: 13.0 Build 13007
Endpoint Central Version: 10.1.2220.4

Agent discovery not working.  I checked the "Agent Configuration" page and it appears completely blank.  I cannot modify the configuration because the option is totally greyed out.  It loads the page and I can click in a field for about 3 seconds and then it goes to grey with an error that says "undefined" and then the error disappears but the options stays grey and inaccessible.  This was working, however, it seems to have broken after updating the SD Plus application.  I have attached a screenshot.

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