Disable checksum validation

Disable checksum validation

I have a laptop overseas which is talking to Desktop Central server just fine, but at this end (in the tech console) it says the PC has been offline for 100 days, and "agent version is not compatible" whenever I try to do anything with it.

 Checking the client logs shows that it is connecting to the server just fine, but when the agent updater runs it has a bad checksum and exits. I have confirmed that it's copy of DesktopCentralAgent.msi is the same checksum as the server... but the sum it is comparing against is something different altogether!

 I found an old post here from a couple years ago suggesting to turn off checksum validation which seems I have the same problem here. I have done this in the admin console, I am just wondering if there is something I have to configure on the client end, in one of it's config files... to also turn-off checksum validation at that end?

 I don't have any other remote access, only file-system access (thanks to a fluke that C$ was accessible).

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