Digital Signage

Digital Signage

We've recently move into a new premises and have implemented a new digital signage system through out the building.

We manage all content on the screens and have a dedicated screen for IT

The IT screen will be used to monitor our IT environment using monitoring system with SNMP.
We'd also like to monitor traffic statistics on our WAN and Internet links.

We recently tried loading netflow analyzer on the screen using the dashboard and interface links and came across 2 challenges

1. The left-hand side bar protrudes the main page area. Unless the sidebar is minimized, the main page area fits well on our screen. Left hand sidebar is not needed and is useless to use as there is no interaction allowed.

2. As this is a digital signage screen, no human interaction is allowed and therefore if the username and password is not cached on the screen's browser, the page loaded will default to the login screen requesting for login details.

Is there a way to load either pages with the sidebar minimised via a direct link

And is there a way to load pages via a direct link without login details required?



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