[DidYouKnow-44] Automate Set/Unset Tasks Using FAFR

[DidYouKnow-44] Automate Set/Unset Tasks Using FAFR

As you may know, using the FAFR feature in ServiceDesk Plus, you can define rules on a Request form. Based on the user's actions FAFR can dynamically Enable, Disable, Show, Hide, Mandate, Non-mandated fields and perform much more functions on Incident/Service tickets. In this post, I will be explaining "How to Set/Unset tasks through FAFR and with a use case". 

Use Case: New Employee Onboarding Process.

New employee onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the organization’s environment and culture, as well as getting a new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team. However, the time taken to achieve that might vary from one organization to another. Following is the common list of activities that go into the onboarding process in most organizations.
  • HR department (Induction, Contract signing, Employee id, etc)
  • IT department (Providing Laptops, Email account, Printer setup, software, etc)
  • Legal department (Employee agreements)
  • Facilities department (Supplying Laptops and other accessories)
  • Payroll department ( Opening salary account)

In ServiceDesk Plus you can create multiple tasks for all the activities in an onboarding process and configure it to a "New employee onboarding process" template. By default, all the tasks that are added to the request template will be enabled when you load that template to create a Request. Hence, we have to create counter rules with FAFR to set/unset required tasks. 

Scenario: I have created a simple onboarding request template with resource questions and tasks associated. 

Unset Tasks: Create a FAFR "On Form Load" rule to unset all tasks in the request template.

Set Task: Create multiple FAFR "On Form Submit" rules based on the resources question, so that on request submission user can enable checkboxes in the resources question section. Based on the selected values, only those tasks will get triggered. 

Similarly, you can make use of the Set/Unset task with FAFR in other ticket-related processes based on your organization's need. I hope you find this article useful!