[DidYouKnow - 23] Script to Auto Merge tickets with same subject line

[DidYouKnow - 23] Script to Auto Merge tickets with same subject line


An Organization has a Network Monitoring tool, whenever any issue occurs in the network, the tool will trigger an email to ServiceDesk Plus and will be raised as a ticket. However, if the action is set to run every minute, then numerous tickets with the same subject will get created in ServiceDesk.

You can refer to the configuration steps and script attached to this post to automatically merge tickets with the same subject.  

Configuration Steps
  •  Download the attachment 'automerge.zip.txt' remove .txt from the file name.
  •  Extract the files in [ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\integration\custom_scripts] location.
  •  Create a generic requester or get a requester account with  "All requests" view permission.

  •  Edit the requester account [Admin tab -> Users -> Requesters -> API key details -> generate/re-generate api key and make a note of the key]

  • Edit the python file 'mergetickets.py' extracted from the attachment "automerge" file and update the requester's API key.  Look for "Customizations" and update the APIkey_requester -> save file
Note: To generate an API key for requesters, make sure following in [Admin tab -> general -> self-service portal setting ] is set to 'NO'
Allow Automatic Generation of API Key                 

  •  Login ServiceDesk Plus as admin and generate/re-generate his API key [personalize -> API key generation ]
  •  Edit configuration.json file, update ServiceDesk plus url and the technician key -> save. 

  • Test the script by creating a couple of tickets with the same subject, you will see tickets gettings merged to the parent ticket.  

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