Desktopcentral MSP - connection reset

Desktopcentral MSP - connection reset

[originaly posted on the msp side, but didn't get any answer, the sub-forum seems kind of dead]

Hello everyone,

We are using MeDC MSP to manage some customers computers (towers/laptops) that are either in constant motion (laptops) or have low IT needs (small customers with no domains, no servers, who just needs support/updates).

Network design looks like that : 
[ MeDC MSP server ] -- [ firewall with opened ports for DC services ] --- [ Internet server-side ] --- [ Any internet access / public internet access / simple firewalls, client-side ] -- [ customer computer ]
No problem with the network design, it works for 2 years.

End of july we discovery something strange with one customer (Windows 10 towers). Although everything works like it should (config deployment, remote desktop), quite regularly we recieive a connection reset from the dcagent on initiating an action (deploying a config or starting a remote desktop session) and then the computers appears unavailable for about one minute (goes red).

Even if we are working on one computer with remote desktop (while connected), the agent status can go down and then we cannot do anything for one minute (except using the initiated remote desktop session).
Another example is connecting to remote desktop (RD) - works. Disconnect. Connect again - fail -> status red. Wait one minute -> works.

It looks like the agent send a connection reset randomly.

I was able to reproduce it with another customer (on a Windows 8.1 laptop).
We never had this problem before, maybe only for 1-3 months.

MeDC MSP build is 10.0.399. We had the same problem with the build 10.0.388.

Before I go deep into that, are you aware of a current issue like that?
Which logs would you need?