Desktop Central is still desperately lacking in patch/configuration job targeting...

Desktop Central is still desperately lacking in patch/configuration job targeting...

This has been an issue for a good number of years now and, whilst DC appear to have made some changes (and even some improvements) to the way in which you are able to target jobs, there are still some pretty serious limitations and even some down-right failures in the way in which job targeting is handled. Here are a couple of posts, over at least the last six years, of examples where very specific requests for improvement have been made, with repeated "looking into it" and other non-committal responses:

There are plenty of others...

My specific issue is one I would call a fairly serious design flaw...

When using dynamic groups, there is no way, currently, to preview a job, immediately prior to hitting the "go!" button. I've seen and heard DC representatives saying you can't preview the list because it is dynamic and built at the time. However, this is nonsensical because, by definition the list must be built and essentially become a static, point-in-time list. What we need to see is, when building a targeting job, that you save as a "Draft" the job should build the targeting list, at that point-in-time, allowing us to verify that:
1. Our targeting logic makes sense.
2. DC's handling of our logic makes sense.
To have the current situation, where a leap of faith has to be made and, potentially, a damaging policy go live on a network, is wholly unacceptable.

I have come to DC after being an Altiris engineer for a number of years and DC's limitation/failure in more effective handling of dynamic targeting is very noticeable. Dynamic targeting has been significantly better in Altiris for over a decade.

PS: I have found a slightly scary and definitely "fudgy" work around, as follows...
To preview the targets in a job based on a dynamic group you can:
1. After building and targeting the job, hit the "Save" button.
2. As quick as you can, and this is the scary/fudgy part, pause the job!
3. Hopefully, you now have the job with the dynamic group populated and the job paused, so you can go look at, review and check the targets actually meet your requirements/expectations.
4. Once you're happy they do. Un-pause the job.

Now, why, when selecting the job as a "Draft" it doesn't at least populate the targets, as a part of the draft is beyond me, as DC is effectively doing this with my "Go!, Pause!" work around, above.