Desktop Central Cloud is live!

Desktop Central Cloud is live!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Desktop Central Cloud, which lets organizations embrace unified endpoint management the SaaS way.

With Desktop Central Cloud in place, you don't need any high-end infrastructure to support your huge number of endpoints. Ensure that your desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets are controlled and secured efficiently from a single console.


Features and benefits

  • ‌Automate patch deployment related to OS and third-party applications.

  • Simplify software distribution by installing and uninstalling software using built-in templates.

  • Instantly troubleshoot remote devices.

  • Monitor and manage all of your IT assets.

  • Simplify device and application management.

  • Deploy security and management configurations to all network users and devices.

  • Define roles with selective privileges and associate users with these roles.

  • Monitor and detect anomalies by looking at the numerous reports available.

  • Improve employee productivity by blacklisting unwanted applications.

Manage unlimited computers with your 30-day free trial of Desktop Central Cloud. You can find more information about Desktop Central Cloud here: