Desktop Central - Better Patch Management Information / Flow

Desktop Central - Better Patch Management Information / Flow

Some things that I believe would help improve the Patch Management flow in Desktop Central, currently it's a bit cumbersome and hard to track down what exactly is in which patching group / deployment policy.

Separate Configuration Deployment Policies and Patch Management Deployment Policies into their own areas to declutter the deployment policies lists. I believe in older builds these were separate and sometime around 2018 when patch management was overhauled the two were combined.

Add a Patch Management tab to the inventory pages of devices that shows which automated patching job it's apart of and which patching deployment policy it's a part of. Also under this tab it could show recently applied patches, or patching history which would be beneficial when diagnosing issues with updates.

Create patching reports that show which automated patch groups and which deployment policies devices are a part of, and create a "Systems Duplicate Patching Groups" to ensure there's not systems in multiple patching groups. I bring this up because we patch by organizational unit, and it can get a bit confusing at times with Desktop Central not having a clear and visible way to see exactly what is in a patching job and what deployment policy that patching job correlates to without having to dive into the System View tab from within each patching job.

These are some of the biggest hang-ups we have with patching via Desktop Central.