Desktop Central Apply Now Tool for LAN computers

Desktop Central Apply Now Tool for LAN computers

DC - Apply Now Tool for LAN

Who can use this tool?

Desktop Central users who are in the PoC (Proof of Concept) / Trialling / need some configurations to be pushed immediately to the LAN (Local Area Network) clients can use this.

Use of the Tool

Using the tool you can make the configuration to reach the intended LAN clients immediately.  This is achieved by remotely triggering the refresh cycle process. 

Under what scenario this tool can be used?

When you have the following needs and scenarios in the LAN environment, you can use the tool.

  • Testing a feature before deploying it to the production network

  • Need to enforce some security related configurations
  • Trialling the software for the PoC/demo to test and know the results immediately to understand the product

How to use the tool?

  • Download the attached zip to any folder .
  • Extract the zip contents

  • Open the computermnames.txt file and give the computernames one by one [one name in a line]
  • Run "immediatePush.bat"
  • Credential would be asked when you run the .bat file provide to proceed further
Success rate of the tool

Under healthy network, meaning when the DC agent to server communication is proper, the success rate is high.  Below given are the few limitations under which the tool cannot work

  • If the tool is not able to reach the client computers due to General Network issues.
  • If the tool is blocked by Firewall or AntiVirus/Spyware/Malware software

  • when tried in the WAN environment (It is designed to work in LAN)

  • When the DC Agent to DC Server communication is not proper


Here are the scenarios which you need to avoid

  • Triggering more number of computers at the same time/ in one shot

  • software installs/Patch management related immediate tasks which can bring in more traffic on the network
Trust this helps.

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