Desktop Central Agent Installation Fail

Desktop Central Agent Installation Fail

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install our desktop central agent manually, because it has not been applied automatically (as is usual via group policy), and I keep getting the following error:

This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic.

Then the installation fails.

We have 200 other devices that work no problems but this one seems to be an unusual issue in our environment.

I am trying to install via an administrator login, the firewall is turned off, the only virus detection on the computer is windows defender, and I have confirmed that the computer has access to our desktop central server via the network.

The agent has not been installed previously on this device that I can tell.

Using Windows 7, agent version is 9.0.139.W, our desktop central build version is 90139

Please help me get it installed.

Thanks in advance.
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